About Us   

About Us

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About Us

Jerome 20/20, Inc. is a unique organization focused on economic development for the City and County of Jerome. It is funded by the City and County along with business and industry leaders shown on this page.

What we have to sell to new businesses is: our infrastructure, our plentiful land at reasonable cost, premier freeway access, and business friendly City and County Leadership.

Working in a team environment with the City and County, Jerome 20/20, Inc., is involved in projects for new business in the industries of: Food Processing, Dairy-Related Processing, Food Science R&D, Manufacturing, Seeds/Beans/Grains, Agribusiness, Farming, Ranching, Warehousing, and Logistics.

Jerome 20/20, Inc. is also working with retail, restaurants and commercial businesses that are showing interest in Jerome. And, a number of businesses are expanding at their current locations, which is a great compliment to our area. These expansions greatly impact the construction industry, with contractors, local subcontractors, suppliers in lumber, concrete, fixtures, and other materials suppliers.

It is also a place to make a good living, and for our children to enjoy the finest schools. Our Recreation District and Center provide year-round sporting activities and family fun. Our area is rich in outdoor recreation opportunities.

When companies are looking at coming to Jerome, they want it to be a place where their employees and families want to live. It is that, but it is Jerome 20/20, Inc.’s job to make sure that others know our story.