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Jerome County is home to several thousand head of beef cattle. A few producers in the county raise large herds and utilize public land for summer and winter grazing.

Many of the beef cows in the county make up smaller farm herds. The beef industry has been reasonably profitable the past few of years with droughts in the Midwest and a shrinking national herd driving up prices. A major hurdle for beef producers has been finding affordable forages. Alfalfa producers strive to grow superior quality hay to go into the dairy market and beef producers cannot compete with the diary producers for high-priced forages. Locating low-priced winter feed sources can be a challenge for beef producers.

Idaho beef producers view cattle and the land they graze on as their livelihood, and as a legacy to share with future generations. From pasture to plate, everyone works together to ensure that all animals are treated well, and that the hamburgers and steaks enjoyed around the world are safe, wholesome, and delicious.


Ultimately, consumers dictate the actions of the beef production chain by determining what kinds of beef they will buy and at what price. America’s beef producers are proud to offer a variety of choices to meet the changing lifestyles and nutritional needs of consumers


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