Jerome Processing Plant

In Jerome, the Scoular Company focuses on supplying the livestock industry with grain and feed ingredients in Idaho and surrounding states.

Several injection mold manufacturers have chosen Jerome City and County for their expansion because of the area’s strong, qualified workforce, favorable power rates, good location and transportation for a west coast presence.


This is true also of such manufacturers / food processing.

  • Plastics manufacturers and others have chosen Jerome due to the area’s affordable and plentiful land, its qualified workforce, favorable power rates, easy access to rail lines and the west coast.

  • Hilex Poly Company/Novolex is the largest manufacturer of plastic grocery bags in the United States.

Hilex Poly Company / Novolex

Hilex Poly’s Jerome facility serves as Novolex’s western presence for the manufacture of High Density Polyethylene plastic grocery, retail and food service bags, and specialty film products. 


Approximately 125 are employed in Jerome to serve clients throughout the United States.

Poly Hilex

Rite Stuff Foods

As the leading specialty potato product manufacturer in the United States, Rite Stuff Foods offers an ever growing wide range of tasty side dishes and alternatives that include twice baked potatoes, potato skins, potato boats, battered and breaded wedges, fried and filled skins, breakfast bites, potato rollers, extruded products, grilling potatoes, potato products that include bacon, chicken and pork and a whole new line of items between R&D and Production.

Spears Manufacturing

Spears thermoplastic injection molding maintains over one million square feet of manufacturing facilities in four states, nine distribution centers across the US, and worldwide product distribution of meet the needs of an every-growing industry.


Spears acquired their Jerome, Idaho location in 1989 and today employ over 250 people at that location.

The Scoular Company

The Scoular Company

A 123-year old company with nearly $6 billion in sales, The Scoular Company operates 130 independent business units that provide diverse supply chain solutions for end-users and suppliers of grain, feed ingredients, and food ingredients around the globe.


From more than 90 offices and facilities, our 850+ employees are engaged in the business of buying, selling, storing, and handling grain and ingredients as well as managing transportation and logistics worldwide.

In Jerome, Scoular focuses on supplying the livestock industry with grain and feed ingredients in Idaho and surrounding states. Scoular also offers various value-added services including forward contracting, risk management and blending which aid customers in maximizing profits. We have the ability to unload 110-car shuttle trains of corn and unit trains of distillers grain which gives us competitive rail freight rates. Additionally, we transload single rail cars of nearly all other major byproducts vital to a livestock feeder’s ration including various specialty products in bulk quantities.


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