Southern Idaho provides many outdoor activities including fishing, hunting, boating, swimming, rafting, skiing, rock climbing, horseback riding and much more.


The Snake River has fantastic fishing in several categories. Fly Fishing is especially popular in both the calm and rough waters of the majestic Snake River. Fishing for trout, bass, perch, salmon or sturgeon is always popular.

Someone once said, “You can do anything within 1 ½ hours away from our area – except take a dip in the ocean”!  If you like nature sports, you’ll find the Jerome area a great place to enjoy water sports, winter sports, hiking, climbing, fishing, hunting, and much more!

Jerome 20/20 Golf Courses

Stunning Golf Courses

Jerome County is home to three golf courses including Blue Lakes Country Club positioned 476 feet below the incredible cliffs of the Snake River Canyon.

Blue Lakes Country Club, a private golf course, is located down in the north side of the Snake River Canyon. Many golf enthusiasts think that the course belongs to Twin Falls. However, we are proud to stake our claim as Jerome County.

You’ll want to rent a cart to play this course! It is beautiful and impeccably groomed, but it is challenging with its narrow fairways against the rocks, the river and the rock canyon walls!

BASE Jumping

BASE jumpers from around the world visit the famous Perrine Bridge to practice their sport. Perrine Bridge is one of the few legal places to jump in North America. The jumpers typically launch from the center of the bridge, which is the dividing line between Twin Falls County and Jerome County.

Jerome 20/20 Water Sports

Jerome Recreation Facility

The Jerome Recreation facility, located in the heart of the City of Jerome boasts of:

  • 32,000 sq feet

  • 2 gyms

  • Walking track

  • Fitness facility

  • Outdoor pool

Winter & Fall Activities
Jerome 20/20 Base Jumping

Water Sports

Wilson Lake Reservoir, in the heart of Jerome County, is a 600-acre fishing spot with a boat ramp, parking, fuel and 40 camp sites.  Water skiing, boating, and jet skiing are just a few of activities to be enjoyed in this well-kept secret family-fun place.

Jerome Recreation Facility

Winter & Fall Activities

From November to April each year, snow falls across Southern Idaho. Winter activities include snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, snow sledding, snowshoeing, and anything else that can be imagined by a young or old lover of snow! World-famous Sun Valley is one of the most popular ski resorts in the United States.

The fall hunting season is always an important time for residents and visitors to Southern Idaho.  Popular game hunts are for elk, deer, bear, mountain lion, cougar, antelope, and bobcat.  There are seasons for both bow and rifle hunting.

Fowl hunting includes duck, geese, grouse, pheasant, and dove.


The Snake River provides many opportunities for white-water rafting from novice to extreme enthusiasts. 


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